Thursday, January 14, 2010

Twingy, yet alive...

This lack of gallbladder thing isn't so bad. All the steri-strips are gone, and there is minor stinging when the skin stretches a bit much, especially around the belly-button. Muscles aren't bad, aside from stiffness when I stand up from being in a sitting, bent-over position, much as if I had done too many sit-ups a few days ago at the gym.

I am on a 20-lb lifting restriction until Feb 8th, which means no medic clinicals until then (I figure ER rotations are ok, as I am less likely to need to lift people). No fencing or rock climbing for 6 weeks total (5 weeks now) and I'm figuring no heavy lifting at the gym (or sit-ups, for that matter) for the same amount of time. No need to get a hernia now. I can do cardio as soon as I feel I am able, so that'll be my work-outs for a while.

I've been experimenting with new recipes of late. Being at my mother's house (supposedly recuperating for the week) allowed us to try numerous things. We had chicken pesto with broccoli, lemon caper chicken, a very light, brothy asparagus soup, and some corn and crab fritters. Tonight I made a chicken with potatoes and celery, lots of garlic and spices. Tasty indeed.

Next week I have to get my pissed-off face on with financial aid at school. They pitched a fit last semester because I had only set up to pay for the fall semester, and was told to get the loan for both semesters. Then they sent a check for the amount of about half the total (one semesters worth), and now they are charging us for the amount for this semester. Someone is going to feel my wrath.

Now, I normally don't get into politics on my blog, because I don't generally express my opinions in words well enough to not piss someone off (and I have few enough readers as it is). But seriously...Pat Robertson? Dude needs to Go. Away. He's certifiably bat-shit crazy. I've thought so for a long time, but this one takes the cake. I'm pretty sure that God is not at all pleased with his 'prophet.'

And this guy tried to run for president? Sheesh. This is obviously why we just can't have nice things....

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