Friday, December 4, 2009

Nothing new here...

Nothing new has been going on recently. The end of the semester is coming up, and with it, the final push for, well, finals. Next week is the last full week, and then finals. So far, grades are ok..I'm holding steady at B's, and a few borderline A's, which isn't as good as I had hoped, but better than it could be. At least I understand the stuff.

We are finally learning 12 -leads. The guy goes a bit fast, but it's more than I learned in EMT-I all those years ago, so it's something. A few take-home tests are due next week, and then it's just the tests. I'm excited for break, even if I am getting my gallbladder out just after New Year's.

On the station front, I am working with the new membership committee to help revamp the probie program. I really like this department, but it has a lot of things that make me say "WTF" On the other hand, Rockville was the same way. One of the things that makes me twitch about this station is the long-time officers. They're nice guys, but they have a bit of a warped sense of things, in my opinion. While working with one of the newer EMS officers, we decided that perhaps a solution to the 'lack of pride' issue we see in some of the kids and newer members (mostly the younger ones) would be to add a bit of history to the new member orientation. Nothing really in depth, but just a sense of where we came from. Things like when the department was started, maybe some pictures of the early days, stuff like that. The fact that we we had an LODD last year would be added in too, just to make sure that the newer members know and understand, and don't forget. When I asked an officer for help on the history (there isn't anything on the website) I was asked why, and when I said it was for the new probie book, the reply was "Why would you want to bore them with that stuff?"

I was floored. Why is the history of the department such a taboo issue? No wonder there are issues with people showing up and taking care of the station (we have to have 'clean-up weeks' to make sure that the station gets cleaned on a regular basis, and there are no dishes left in the kitchen cause no one cleans up after themselves and people just throw the dirty dishes in the trash after a few days). The officers bitch and moan about the 'young kids' and how no one has station pride and all that, and yet their attitude isn't helping. If the kids knew where they came from and had a little history to have pride in, maybe they would take more responsibility (then again, maybe not).

Some of us on the EMS side have instituted a buy-in dinner for anyone who wants on drill nights (Tuesdays and Fridays). Someone makes dinner, and then it's a $5 buy-in to eat. IOU's are accepted. Not a single one of the officers has eaten that dinner. I've seen some of them come in and ignore the invitation to eat, not even bothering to ask what is for dinner, and go out and buy something. How is that a good role-model to the new people? If the officers won't even sit around the kitchen table and eat with everyone else, what signal does that send to the new people? This place has to be the most disfunctional firehouse I've ever been a part of.

On the other hand, they do some things really well, and the disfunctional-ness means that they aren't uber-concerned with a lot of the Mickey Mouse bullshit I had to put up with at the other place. No 4 hour meetings because everyone is arguing Robert's Rules of Order, or spouting off just to hear themselves talk. Still there is a lot of growing room. And I like it there.