Sunday, January 3, 2010

My feet are cold...

It is extremely cold here at the Home of the Gnome (relatively speaking, of course). I haven't experienced such low temps and wind chills since Antarctica. And no, that is not an exaggeration. Living in a townhouse on a concrete slab with 20 year old windows is not conducive to keeping a warm house. I'm reluctant to turn the heat up anymore, given the increase in energy prices, and so I am relegated to cuddling under blankets. Sadly, my other heat source is on his way to NJ for the week, and therefore is not here to help me warm up. I suppose it's all for the good...colder temperatures are supposed to be better for your metabolism...burning calories to stay warm and all. Though I'm not sure that the temps in the house are low enough to suffice for that.

The holidays are over, and for one I am grateful. I love the holidays, but this year just seemed to sneak up on my from out of nowhere, and before I knew it, it was a week before Christmas, I had no presents purchased, and I had to get the house ready because I had to head to St Louis, and Chris was not home (he had to work the weekend before Christmas, and was in NJ). The blizzard didn't help much, but overall didn't crimp my overall plans. The dogs loved it though...

I was supposed to have surgery this coming Friday, to remove my gallbladder (after one attack, and the confirmation of gallstones). Given the craziness of the past few weeks, I forgot to schedule my pre-op appointment, and therefore will likely have to reschedule the surgery. This leaves me with a timing issue, what with classes starting up on January 27th. Given the surgeon's indication that I will require at least 2-4 weeks for recovery, postponing surgery could push into the beginning of classes. Then there is the whole surgery thing overall. I have not had any problems since Labor Day, which was the only attack I have ever had. I have since tried (and mostly succeeded) in decreasing my overall fat intake, and I hope to continue doing so. So I wonder if I should go through with the surgery, when, if I watch my fat intake, I may not have another gallbladder attack for years, if ever again. Getting surgery will set me back at least one month, if not more, in several areas, such as fighting, the gym, and other things. Not to mention that the insurance company has not been making this easy at all. I am quickly reaching the point where I am going to crawl through the phone and confront people face-to-face on this issue, since evidently, sarcasm does not translate well through the phone lines.

At any rate, things are going to be boring for the next few weeks. I have to order books for classes, and determine if I want to add a class to my schedule for this semester. I will be severely lacking in human contact over the next few weeks, given that everyone is working, Chris is in NJ, and if the surgery is done, I'll be stuck in the house, unable to drive. You may get more posts then.

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Herbie said...

I first got diagnosed with cholecystitis in August 2004. I had maybe an attack or 2 until March 2006, when I had 2 attacks within 48 hours; it was then I went for the surgery.

Depending on how many stones, you can hold it off. I was off the truck for 2 weeks, so if you schedule it fast, you should be able to get back into the swing of things by the 27th.