Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back to the Grind

Well, classes have started up again, and this semester looks to be a royal bitch. We have to do 200 clinical hours. The crappy part is that, due to the state furloughing the teachers, we cannot do ANY clinical time during our spring break, which, frankly, I was counting on to be able to make all my hours. So far, I've signed up for most of the shifts I need, though I'm still a few hours short. The fact that C is in NJ for the next 5 or 6 months means that I have to be home to take care of the dogs during the week. This makes it difficult to do clinicals during the week, since I have to be home for the dogs at night (I do have someone to let them out and feed them at night, but I can't leave them alone all night long). I could do clinicals after classes, but then I won't be home till midnight or later, and then to get up at 0500 for classes will be a bitch. This means that I have only Fridays (no class on Friday so we can do clinicals) and weekends to do my hours, which means I won't be able to see C when he is actually home. The original plan when I decided to go back to school was that he would be home to take care of the animals so I could crash at someone's place closer to school if I had to do clinicals or something late. But what are you going to do? At least he has a job. So far I'm only 4 or 5 shifts short, and worse comes to worse, I'll plan for a week of evening/night clinicals and C can take the dogs with him for the week so I can stay at a place up near school.

The snow they called for this weekend hit and we got a fair sight more than they said we would. Shock. It ruined our plans for Saturday, but we made new plans and cleaned the kitchen. The counter and backsplash behind the sink have a large gap between them and I worry about all the water getting up in there and making the drywall and such moldy. So we caulked that space and straightened up, and basically just cleaned up the house and put clutter in it's place.

I've been having sleeping issues recently, and I don't know why. I do have occasional bouts with insomnia, and I suspect it's just the change in my diet and exercise that is screwing up my system. I was doing well over most of the break, going to bed and waking up at a reasonable time, and since my surgery, I have not been doing well. Unable to sleep, staying up late to read and finish books, sleeping really late. I need to get back on a good schedule, and hoped that this weekend would help, since C goes to bed fairly early. Last night struck that one down though, as I was stressed after scheduling out clinical times, and went on a stress-related crying jag. To relax, I grabbed a book, and stayed up reading the whole damned thing.

On the good side, I'm taking a SAR management class this semester. I'm excited about it. In April, we take a 3-day SAREX for training. It should be fun. I'm hoping that after this semester is over, and Kaylee the nervous K-9 has had some obedience training, I can get back to SAR. I'm not sure yet if next semester's schedule will allow it, but I'm hoping.

One more week until I can ride again. I can't wait.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Twingy, yet alive...

This lack of gallbladder thing isn't so bad. All the steri-strips are gone, and there is minor stinging when the skin stretches a bit much, especially around the belly-button. Muscles aren't bad, aside from stiffness when I stand up from being in a sitting, bent-over position, much as if I had done too many sit-ups a few days ago at the gym.

I am on a 20-lb lifting restriction until Feb 8th, which means no medic clinicals until then (I figure ER rotations are ok, as I am less likely to need to lift people). No fencing or rock climbing for 6 weeks total (5 weeks now) and I'm figuring no heavy lifting at the gym (or sit-ups, for that matter) for the same amount of time. No need to get a hernia now. I can do cardio as soon as I feel I am able, so that'll be my work-outs for a while.

I've been experimenting with new recipes of late. Being at my mother's house (supposedly recuperating for the week) allowed us to try numerous things. We had chicken pesto with broccoli, lemon caper chicken, a very light, brothy asparagus soup, and some corn and crab fritters. Tonight I made a chicken with potatoes and celery, lots of garlic and spices. Tasty indeed.

Next week I have to get my pissed-off face on with financial aid at school. They pitched a fit last semester because I had only set up to pay for the fall semester, and was told to get the loan for both semesters. Then they sent a check for the amount of about half the total (one semesters worth), and now they are charging us for the amount for this semester. Someone is going to feel my wrath.

Now, I normally don't get into politics on my blog, because I don't generally express my opinions in words well enough to not piss someone off (and I have few enough readers as it is). But seriously...Pat Robertson? Dude needs to Go. Away. He's certifiably bat-shit crazy. I've thought so for a long time, but this one takes the cake. I'm pretty sure that God is not at all pleased with his 'prophet.'

And this guy tried to run for president? Sheesh. This is obviously why we just can't have nice things....

Saturday, January 9, 2010


It is now 0630 and I have been up since 0430. Guess Percocet only lasts 6 hours for me. Oh well.

The surgery went well, the gallbladder was removed (there were several stones with evidence of some slight inflammation and infection) and the surgeon could not eyeball the 'atypical' FNH's in my liver. So I will have to eventually see a GI specialist for that, since the radiologist was unwilling to conclusively say that the very slightly atypical nodules were FNH.

At any rate, I seem to have developed a slight sensitivity to latex. I have round itchy rash spots where the heart monitor electrodes were, and the bandaids are driving me to distraction. There is, in fact, very little pain. A bit of cramping, similar to the cramping I had during the gallbladder attack, and some muscular pain at the incision sites, but even that feels more like a few too many sit-ups at the gym than anything else. There is some pain on deep inspiration, but even that isn't too bad, and my fear of atelectatasis is greater than than the pain.

I have a warm dog curled up beside me, who refused to go to bed with C and the puppy. I suppose I should be flattered that he feels the need to protect me, or something.

I am hungry. But I will wait for C to get up. Poor guy. I think he was more worried than I was about the surgery, and didn't sleep well at all the night before. Add that to a bad week at work, and he was wiped out yesterday. Sunday I head to my mom's house for recovery. Mainly it's so that I don't have to get up every five minutes to let the dogs in and out of the house.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My feet are cold...

It is extremely cold here at the Home of the Gnome (relatively speaking, of course). I haven't experienced such low temps and wind chills since Antarctica. And no, that is not an exaggeration. Living in a townhouse on a concrete slab with 20 year old windows is not conducive to keeping a warm house. I'm reluctant to turn the heat up anymore, given the increase in energy prices, and so I am relegated to cuddling under blankets. Sadly, my other heat source is on his way to NJ for the week, and therefore is not here to help me warm up. I suppose it's all for the good...colder temperatures are supposed to be better for your metabolism...burning calories to stay warm and all. Though I'm not sure that the temps in the house are low enough to suffice for that.

The holidays are over, and for one I am grateful. I love the holidays, but this year just seemed to sneak up on my from out of nowhere, and before I knew it, it was a week before Christmas, I had no presents purchased, and I had to get the house ready because I had to head to St Louis, and Chris was not home (he had to work the weekend before Christmas, and was in NJ). The blizzard didn't help much, but overall didn't crimp my overall plans. The dogs loved it though...

I was supposed to have surgery this coming Friday, to remove my gallbladder (after one attack, and the confirmation of gallstones). Given the craziness of the past few weeks, I forgot to schedule my pre-op appointment, and therefore will likely have to reschedule the surgery. This leaves me with a timing issue, what with classes starting up on January 27th. Given the surgeon's indication that I will require at least 2-4 weeks for recovery, postponing surgery could push into the beginning of classes. Then there is the whole surgery thing overall. I have not had any problems since Labor Day, which was the only attack I have ever had. I have since tried (and mostly succeeded) in decreasing my overall fat intake, and I hope to continue doing so. So I wonder if I should go through with the surgery, when, if I watch my fat intake, I may not have another gallbladder attack for years, if ever again. Getting surgery will set me back at least one month, if not more, in several areas, such as fighting, the gym, and other things. Not to mention that the insurance company has not been making this easy at all. I am quickly reaching the point where I am going to crawl through the phone and confront people face-to-face on this issue, since evidently, sarcasm does not translate well through the phone lines.

At any rate, things are going to be boring for the next few weeks. I have to order books for classes, and determine if I want to add a class to my schedule for this semester. I will be severely lacking in human contact over the next few weeks, given that everyone is working, Chris is in NJ, and if the surgery is done, I'll be stuck in the house, unable to drive. You may get more posts then.