Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gettin' my Learnin' On

Though it's technically Day 1 of the EMSToday conference  I am on Day 2.  Yesterday was a long day of EKG learning, with a whole day session of Tim Phalen's STEMI class, followed by a short session about wide-complex tachycardias.

And lest the poor man think I'm stalking him, the first session today was his class on AV blocks.  Absolutely wonderful stuff, and though I need to check my notes for better understanding, of was happy to realize that my months of not doing paramedic stuff have not entirely eroded my skills, and I was only slightly glassy-eyed during the sessions.

Today continues with Ambulance Driver's class on firearms trauma  and then an afternoon class on concussions.  Sadly, the exhibit hall doesn't open till tonight, do I can't go browse during my break.

And, more mostly good news yesterday.  I will soon be once again a contributing member of society (and my household).  I got a job as a dispatcher in my county.  It's not what I really want, the schedule blows, and the pay sucks, but it's still a job.  And with luck, I can parlay it into what I do want.

Meanwhile, I'm gettin' my learnin' on here at EMSToday.  Wheeeeeee!!!!