Saturday, January 9, 2010


It is now 0630 and I have been up since 0430. Guess Percocet only lasts 6 hours for me. Oh well.

The surgery went well, the gallbladder was removed (there were several stones with evidence of some slight inflammation and infection) and the surgeon could not eyeball the 'atypical' FNH's in my liver. So I will have to eventually see a GI specialist for that, since the radiologist was unwilling to conclusively say that the very slightly atypical nodules were FNH.

At any rate, I seem to have developed a slight sensitivity to latex. I have round itchy rash spots where the heart monitor electrodes were, and the bandaids are driving me to distraction. There is, in fact, very little pain. A bit of cramping, similar to the cramping I had during the gallbladder attack, and some muscular pain at the incision sites, but even that feels more like a few too many sit-ups at the gym than anything else. There is some pain on deep inspiration, but even that isn't too bad, and my fear of atelectatasis is greater than than the pain.

I have a warm dog curled up beside me, who refused to go to bed with C and the puppy. I suppose I should be flattered that he feels the need to protect me, or something.

I am hungry. But I will wait for C to get up. Poor guy. I think he was more worried than I was about the surgery, and didn't sleep well at all the night before. Add that to a bad week at work, and he was wiped out yesterday. Sunday I head to my mom's house for recovery. Mainly it's so that I don't have to get up every five minutes to let the dogs in and out of the house.


Denise said...

Glad to hear that the surgery went well. I hope you recover quickly. My mom had her gallbladder out last May and is doing great from that surgery.

Epijunky said...

I've had my GB out and it wasn't much fun at all.

Then again, the recover was much easier than the attacks I was getting from the stones. Ick.

Glad to hear you're recovering, and hope you're 100% soon!