Thursday, September 3, 2009

More on school

While I'm thinking about it, and have some time to breath, another few notes on school.

Our main instructor is rather kick-ass, and reminds me of Rogue Medic, in that Why is nothing in EMS based on research??? sort of way. Can't say I blame him (either him, that is), given my hard science background and the fact that if any of the sciences I've ever dealt with did things that way, nothing would have ever been done. Pharmacology is a beast, in the evenings in the middle of the week after 2 other classes, but at least it's taught by a guy who has a good sense of humor and can make as light as possible from a heavy and dry subject.

Other than that, the netbook is working well, though I find I can't type notes on it like I had planned. But it is good for pulling up the slide presentations we use and following along. I am one notebook short, which will have to be rectified this weekend. I have more reading to do than I did for my first degree, and, given my inability to read for long periods of time (at least, when it's dry and boring material), this is rather nerve-racking. The other problem I'm running into is the battle of over-confidence. Much of this I have done before...not so much in undergrad the first time, but rather in the 11 years I've been doing this, in nursing school, and then the EMT-I class I took. I find myself reading sections and saying I know this stuff, and I am tempting to skim past that bit, or not pay attention. But I have to, lest I miss some important tidbit of info that will pull the whole kit-and-kaboodle together. It's a new sensation, and I'm not much for it, really. But I'm terrified of missing something that will come back to haunt me on a test somewhere down the line. I find myself being completely anal-retentive and hyper-vigilant. I can only hope it lasts.

On the good side, in one of the hardest classes we have, we had the first of our daily quizzes, and I (am pretty sure) got 100%. Yes, it's only a quiz, and no, they will not always be this easy. But it's a start.

In other news, I am heartily tired of being called by work. I told them time and again that I can't work during the week, due to my schedule, the work load, and the commute. Yet I get a call asking if I can come in on Tuesday, or Wednesday, or Friday. I finally emailed my schedule to my supervisor, since he wasn't there the day I brought it in. Hopefully I won't get asked to work wonky shifts like 2p-midnight. Once C heads out of town, I'll have to get home to let the dogs out and feed them. I really am beginning to wish I had a different part-time job.

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