Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So, yeah, I'm a slacker.  Things have been both busy, and boring all at the same time.  Since I last posted, I got married, which took up a good portion of my time with planning and other nonsense. I've been training (on and off, thanks to the aforementioned wedding) for a triathlon, and ran in the Marine Corps Marathon 10K (that's 6.22 miles for those of you who don't do metric).  Like I said...busy, and yet boring.

What I have not done is been working.  Again, slacker.  We are lucky in that we are surviving on my husband's (wow...still feels weird to say that) salary alone, but things would be much nicer if I was working.  I've put in mad hours at my firehouse (was made a sergeant this summer as well), working on my intern status at my medic unit (also volunteer), and getting ready to take my state certification test.  Oh yeah, and applying for jobs.

One job I had applied for last year was with my local county.  I passed the written test, the interview, and when it came time for the physical, I had to bow out because I came down with bronchitis, and couldn't walk up the stairs at my house without losing a lung, let alone walk on a stair mill for 3 minutes in a 50 lb vest.  The only up-side was that I figured by the time they hired again next year, I'd be a full-on medic, and more 'hireable.'

Today, while I was transporting a patient who really didn't need to go to the hospital via ambulance, I got a phone call from an unknown number.  Now, generally, I don't answer unknown numbers, but I have been lately because of all the job applications I've put out there over the past few months.  However, since I was with a patient, I was good and turned my phone off.  Imagine my surprise when I listened to the voice mail after dropping the patient off at the hospital, and it was the county HR office calling in regards to the EMT position.  Seems that my name is up next on the eligibility list, and they were having issues with my background check.  That happens when you change your name after marriage, evidently.  They weren't very clear on when the hiring process would begin, or what I would have to do (do I need to take all the tests again? etc), but at least I'm up there in the running.  I could have a job as soon as the spring.  This makes me infinately happy.  The fact that I'll have my state ALS card by then is just icing on the cake.

Oh, and I'm signing up for a mini-triathlon in March.  Expect some discussion of my training on here too....

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