Friday, January 20, 2012

Another step closer

So, as some may know, I got my NREMT-P back in June.  Due to wedding plans, and some other things (including my own laziness), I have not gotten a job, but I did apply for a boatload of them.  Last spring I applied to my home county for both dispatcher and EMT-B (I didn't have my medic yet), and while I went through the whole process for dispatcher, I only got through the written test for EMT-B.  By the time the physical test came around, I had gotten a wicked case of bronchitis, and could barely get from my couch to the bathroom without loosing a lung.

So last week I got a call from county HR about 'the EMT position.'  I was confused, since I didn't finish off the testing process, but I went along with it.  I know they are opening up hiring for medics and EMT's soon anyway, so it seemed likely.  Imagine my surprise when I get a call from the sheriff's  office for a background check for dispatcher.

Is it my dream job?  No.  But it's a job, it's a good job, and it will pay the bills.  And, it gets my foot in the door with the county for when they do open hiring for medics.  In the meantime, I get a different look at the same field, and have time to get some seasoning as a medic so that when I do get hired somewhere, the intern process will be quick and painless.

Which leads me to the other step I'm taking.  In less than a week, I will be taking my state protocol test.  To say I am almost more nervous than when I took the NREMT-P test is an understatement.  Our state protocols tend to be rather convoluted and obscure, and they delight in testing on the most obscure parts that you will never use.  But, I have some good friends who are helping me study, I have a study guide that was given to me by someone I barely know, and I am working hard on getting it done and so on.

In the meantime.....I'm stressing.


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