Thursday, July 14, 2011


A couple of things in a quick drive-by post as I procrastinate doing things to prepare myself for my trip in 2 weeks.

Three months ago, my resting HR was up around 86 or so.  The other day, my resting HR was 72.  Still not breathing super well on my bikes and runs, but what do you want with asthma? I may not have lost any weight, but at least I have proof that SOMETHING good is happening from all this training.

I am sitting here with an ice pack on my left ankle.  No real increased swelling, but the normal swelling is there.  Lots of aching around the lateral malleolus, mostly under and behind it.  Some pain around the medial malleolus, but not as much.  My chiropractor has been 'popping' it back into place every few weeks (yes, I go to a chiropractor, but do not rely on him to diagnose any major health problems.  He's there to readjust my back and shoulders, because my musculature and connective tissue pulls my bones in randomly strange directions, and it helps to have someone trained to put them back where they belong. Because, as one of my orthopedists have said, my joints are hypermobile, I'm too young for surgery to correct the most severe of them, so I just have to suck it up and deal.)  Anyway, main chiropractor is on vacation, so stand-in chiropractor adjusts my ankle because it's really been painful lately.  He asked what I had done to it, and I said I didn't know (because, really, I don't).  I told him I rolled it a lot, with some pain that didn't last long.  Lots of rebound tenderness around the medial and lateral malleolli (?) but I couldn't really trace it to any specific time.  I mean, my ankle has been rolling around randomly since I was a kid.  He suggested I go to an orthopod and get it x-rayed, and possibly an MRI, as he suspected a 'chronic sprain'.  The conservative treatment for which is 2 months in a cast, followed by extensive physical  therapy.  Aggressive treatment would be surgery to fix the ligaments and tendons in place, prevented any sideways motion.

Yeah, no thanks.

He also suggested a more aggressive ankle brace.  So I picked one up, to be used when I'm just walking around and hanging out.  For fencing, running ,etc, I have kinesiology tape.  (love this stuff, and no, they don't pay me)

In other news...I have been promoted to sergeant at my volunteer department.  It's on the EMS side (there is a large division between fire and EMS).  I'm not sure what my duties will be, other than pulling a duty week every 6 weeks or so, and heading up a clean-up crew.  It has been hinted that I will be the one in charge of the duty calendar, but that remains to be seen.  I will also be helping with drills and training, and will likely have one drill a month to organize and run.  I have several ideas for drills, but if anyone has some ideas for drills they like for EMS folks) many of which have little experience, I'm all ears.

I find myself irritated with people who are in charge of things who don't let you know when something has happened.  How am I supposed to meet my requirements by the deadline if I am not given the full amount of time/information until halfway to the deadline?  I understand people are busy, but how long does it take to shoot off an email or something?

Which reminds me...I need to send off a few emails....


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