Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It Lives!!!!

I am alive, no thanks to the strep throat I got last week. Just as things were getting together.

Still, I survived 2 tests during that time, one when I was sicker than a dog, so I can't be too upset.

The semester is halfway done. I'm getting excited about being a quarter of the way done. I would like to be doing better, but I can't complain over much about B's.

Today was the H1N1 vaccine clinic on campus. I was supposed to be a runner, which meant that I was supposed to be taking filled syringes from the vaccine fill-up station to the various station giving the actual shots. I ended up taking care of a classmate who got sick, and walking her back to her dorm. When I got back, I made sure the stations had syringes, and spent the rest of my time there filling syringes with vaccine. Not the most exciting of 'clinicals' but good practice.

This weekend starts the first round of clinicals. I have 3 days of riding on a medic unit to get IV sticks before the 50 mile marathon in late November (yes, that was 50 MILES, not KM. A bunch of silly people run 50 miles up the Appalachian Trail in western MD, and the medic students have the responsibility of fixing the rampant dehydration and foot funk they will have by the end of the 50 miles.), so this Saturday, Sunday, and next Saturday will be spent in Baltimore. Hopefully my curse of no calls won't carry over too badly so I can actually get some calls. One of my classmates delivered a baby this week at her clinical. I don't really want to do that.

Drill tonight at the firehouse. I have some ideas I would really like to implement, but I haven't found the time to write them down to give to the Sgt. Also, have to study for my test tomorrow. Time to get cracking. There may still be time to pull A's out of my ass in these classes.

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