Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Job, different from the old job...

Well, I started the new job on Friday. Thirteen hours in the back of a small ambulance without A/C on a muggy, rainy day. Lovely. I'm pretty sure it's still better than the desk job. We actually only ran 4 calls in those 13 hours. Transport only is a bit boring, and I wasn't too sure about some things that the guy I was riding with was doing, but since the appropriate equipment was in absence, I have to figure that it's how most of them do it. A little sketchy to my taste, but I suppose I can do things 'the right way' when I get cut loose. My new schedule will be Mon-Fri, 11a-7p, which isn't horrible, but I had been hoping for a fewer day, longer shift schedule. Still there's time to change, and the only other shifts available involved weekends, which I just really can't do.

On the other hand, in August, I'll be starting paramedic school. I applied and was accepted. Getting laid off is scary and unfun, but I took it as a chance to do what I've been wanting to do, and talking about doing for years. The fact that I went on several interviews for science jobs, and never got a one (even the one I was sure to get, due to lack of grant money) makes me think that this was one of those 'meant to be' things. Sure, the pay is significantly less than what I was making, or what I could be making if I had stayed in science, but money isn't everything, and I'd much rather be shuttling patients back and forth from hospital to nursing home and back again than sitting at a lab bench, shuttling chemicals from beaker to beaker.

In other news, we got a new puppy. I have to call the woman to get her address for sending her the check (it's been a 2 week trial thing to make sure she'd work in our household, and with our other dog). Things are still a bit sketchy at times with her and the older dog, since she is a total puppy, but she's a quick study, and most of the issues we had were more related to her lack of socialization with other dogs than actual aggression. I'm hoping she'll work out for SAR.

Why do they air commercials for Sonic, when there isn't a Sonic around here for miles and miles (and hours)? Why do they taunt me so????


jehingr said...

I'm with you on the Sonic teaser commercials (also Popeye's Chicken). That just ain't right! I need a gigantic cherry limeade now!


fizbobunny said...

Congrats on the new job!

You're not missing much on the Sonic front. I LOVED them when they were a smaller company and mostly in rural places, but since they've expanded and are now in a lot of big cities, I find the quality is really not there anymore.

40lizard said...

YOu have to find the right Sonic- we have two in our town- the one downtown sucks but the one nearest me rocks! I think it has to do a lot with the individual management of each location! Hmm, think I'll have to run over there for a cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper. Come to Oklahoma (home of Sonic) and find out how its done!