Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's raining again...

It's raining again. At least we had 2 or 3 days of spring, right?

Today was a rare day, and made the earlier (more horrible) part of the week seem like a distant memory. I made it a late start, but got there in time. MB, the supervisor, gave us his favorite truck, which was clean on the outside (OMG!!!) and mostly clean on the inside (double OMG!!!!) No crumbs on the floor, not a whole lot of trash inside. Wonderful.

Dispatch posted us to the VA. Of course, the day I bring my lunch. But we were able to go to my favorite deli in the city, and get lunch, which we then ate in our new favorite spot when posted to the VA.

I love the National Shrine. Easier to access than the National Cathedral, and they have a free parking lot across the street.

So, we got to eat lunch. Aside from a brief attempt from dispatch to give us a call (it was out of Virginia, and we are not yet certified as EMT's there), we were undisturbed for almost 2 hours. We got a call for the VA, but when we got there, the patient decided he didn't want to go (evidently, you can do that in the VA). So we left, and told the nurses to call dispatch back when they had convinced the patient that, yes, he really did want to go home.

So, back to our spot at the Shrine. We watched a collection of older middle school (perhaps young high school) students from Wisconsin get off their coach bus and head towards the Shrine. Which was interesting, considering there is a road between the lot and the Shrine. Not an overly busy road, mind, but not one I would like to cross with a butt-load of teenagers. Not to mention that buses usually drop off their charges in front of the shrine and then come over to park.

We got another call at a nearby hospital, for a patient to go to a place down in Virginia. At 1600. In DC. Needless to say, traffic was a bit of an issue, and, though we got off the floor in record time (all the paperwork was done and the patient was ready!), it still took us till nearly 1800 to get to the rehab place.

Dispatch decided to be kind to us, and let us head back to base. Considering the traffic, we made decent time, and got back to base EXACTLY at off-time.

My dogs are crazy. The puppy still occassionally attacks Kobe for sniffing at areas where she has eaten people food. She hasn't done it in weeks, yet she did it tonight. I have no idea why. Perhaps I could ask the vet when I take her in next week. Still, they have been playing and such for the better part of the last 30 minutes, so I can't complain. They do get along fairly well.

Company comes tomorrow. I have to finish cleaning. Unsure of what we'll do this weekend, but if the weather is as bad as they say (all rain, all the time) I'm leaning towards something inside. Perhaps climbing?

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Epijunky said...

Sounds like my kind of day :)

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