Monday, May 11, 2009

After several days in the new job....

And I'm still pretty sure it was better than the old lab job.

My shift gets more OT than pretty much any other shift. For some reason, dispatch can't ever find any other ambulances for those 1830 transfers, so we get snagged for it. Which of course, puts us late. Usually, really really late. Like 2 hours late.

Still, we got off early tonight, so it's not so bad. And only 2 calls today.

Ok, so a new pet peeve of mine, based on the things I'm learning on this new job. If you, as the nursing staff, or discharge planner or whatever, call my dispatcher and tell them that you want an ambo for a transfer at a certain time, it behooves you to have ALL the paperwork ready by that time. Don't wait till zero time, and then panic when you see us and run around like a chicken with no head and try to get the paperwork together. I WILL stand at the nurses station and stare at you. I WILL tell anyone who asks me if I've been helped that I'm waiting for YOU to get the paperwork together. My patience is rapidly beginning to run out, and I WILL start calling dispatch and telling them that you are NOT ready. This may cause dispatch to start tendering our call times to give you that extra time you so obviously need to get that paperwork together. Since, clearly, it is hard for you to get the paperwork organized in the 6 hours between the time you learn that the patient is leaving and the time that I show up.

My company is starting to track times. It seems that my partner and I consistently get the calls where we show up and the nurse for X patient is at lunch, and no one knows what is going on. Or the ones where the nurse doesn't have the paperwork together, or the patient has to finish dinner, or the medicine hasn't come up from the pharmacy yet, or it's shift change and no one will talk to me because they are either giving or getting report. This will screw with our times. We also, working the 11-7 shift, consistently get the longest transports that take us through the worst traffic.

Still, it is better than being a lab rat.

Another rant to come tomorrow on the idiocy of insurance companies, and how it is stupid to allow people with a BA in business to determine medical policy.

But now...

GO CAPS!!!!!!!!

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Epijunky said...

If I had a nickel for every time that I've arrived on time to pick up a patient that was not ready (due to paperwork, a meal, waiting on drugs, or shift change)...

Good Lawdy I'd be a millionaire. So yeah, I'm right there with you.