Monday, March 8, 2010

4 more days

Till spring break. I have managed to get almost all of the projects due this week done; just the take home test and group presentation to finish. Spring break will be spent most likely trying to get ahead of the work load for the last half of the semester. And trying to find a job.

EMS Today was interesting, though it was hard for me to really get into a lot of things when I was there mainly with my fellow students. They all mainly wanted to get the stuff for the assignment done and then get the hell out. I would have liked to stay longer, check out some of the things I missed the first time around (due to long lines at the booths) and see the Chronicles of EMS at the Zoll booth. Maybe next year.

I did end up staying in B-more longer than I planned, since the plans for getting the group project done fell through. Classmate N and I walked down to Inner Harbor and hung out watching the last cannon shot on the Connie. Then we went up to Uno's for another drink and a snack. A friend drove up from home to pick me up, got lost several times, and we finally got home and dinner around 2030. Long day.

I looked for the bloggers I read, TOTWTYTR, AD, and Epi, but never actually recognized anyone. Perhaps next year I'll actually meet people.

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