Monday, February 13, 2012

Leavin' on a jet plane

Tomorrow evening I will be sitting in a seat in a large metal tube, preparing to hurtle across the Atlantic Ocean.  By morning I will be in Europe, specifically Germany, where I will meet up with my husband, and where we will drink good beer and eat good food and visit nifty sites worthy of the new lens I bought for my DSLR.

Since we heard he was going to Europe, I have been lax in my exercising, losing daylight in helping him figure out where we want to go, how to get there, and many other things (he's a bit skittish about international travel).  As a result, I find myself constantly tired these last few weeks.  Tonight I will go to zumba and at least make it seem like I'm on the right track.  When we come back, all bets are off.  My overly-large rear will be running, biking, spinning, zumba-ing, and weight lifting.

In other news, I am going to the EMS Today Expo at the end of this month, and this year, I get to take classes!  I am unbelievably excited, and not just cause it means I will be all done with my con-ed for the next go-round.

Not many overly interesting calls recently.  Mostly things that make the eyebrow raise, although these calls are good for training the new kids.  And we have a slew of them too.  I have a couple of observations to make regarding some EMT's I've run into on scenes that have tripped my 'bullshit' meter into overdrive, and I may be getting a reputation for getting some folks in trouble.  But there is no call in this field for shitty behavior, to patients or to fellow providers, and falsifying a call just to get ALS to take the patient because you're getting off duty soon (thus not only incurring a bill for the patient, but also taking another ALS resource off the street) is the height of laziness and unprofessionalism, and regardless of if you are volunteer or career, you need to be professional.  There needs to be accountability, and for too long there has been none in favor of having enough crews to get the trucks out on the street.


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