Monday, September 20, 2010

Really? That's it?

Papers are eating my brain.

In other news...patient with moderately severe eye injury, to be taken to eye center at Big Fancy Hospital. Patient is in a lot of pain. Hospital says "Vitals are stable. Go ahead and drive the 1-1.5 hours up here." (This is the first WTF, as it pulls a medic unit out of the area for a minimum of 4 hours).

Medic says "Uh, ok. Oh, patient is in a lot of pain. Request permission to give 2mg morphine."

Patient is about 85-90kg. Granted, patient did admit to 'a few drinks' but still....2 mg morphine? For an EYE INJURY???? For a 1.5 hour DRIVE??????

You might as well spray that morphine in the air for all the good it's going to do the patient.

OYE! And I can't say or do a damned thing, as I have my NREMT-I, but cannot get licensed in this state because I am not a member of a dept that has ALS volunteers (a rant for another day).

I was reminded of Rogue Medic's take on pain management in the prehospital (and sometimes hospital) setting (well, one of his takes, at least).

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