Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We went to the Joint Services Open House at Andrews AFB this weekend. I am now peeling like a snake. My face got extremely burnt, thanks to some expired sunscreen and a whole day on the flight line. My back got sunburned the day before, gardening in a tank top. See pictures here.

In other news, my NREMT-I practical exam is on Friday. I am terrified. The last time I took it, I failed the medical, trauma, and both cardiology stations. This time, I feel fairly confident in everything except dynamic cardiology. We haven't had much time in class to do actual practice in class; most of our dynamic practice has been more of a 'practice by committee' kind of thing. So today we finally got a chance to actually sit down with our instructor and do a dynamic station. I did it twice. And failed twice. And we don't have practice time tomorrow, because our instructors are setting up the test.

I am in terror. I don't know how I'll handle it if I fail. I feel confident about all the other stations, and feel confident that I will fail dynamic cardiology.

To make matters worse, The Fiance will not be in town this weekend, which means I have to get up at 0330 Friday morning in order to be at the test site at 0800 (it's 1.5 hours away, which means, at rush hour times, I need to budget at least 2 hours, if not 2.5 to get there).

I'm hoping to get to the firehouse tomorrow, in the dream that someone there can run me through some dynamic cardio scenarios.

On the plus side, in happier news, The Fiance got word today that once his exile in NJ is complete, he will be placed on a project here at home, that will last for at least a year and a half. Which means he will be in town for the wedding. And my senior year of this program (assuming, of course, I pass my NR test, and make it to senior year).

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EMS Chick said...

Switch don't know how you'll handle it if you fail? How are you going to handle it when you pass? Probably celebrate! That's more fun to focus on.

Good luck with your test. Remind yourself that you know the material, you know the steps, take a deep breath and repeat that over and over.