Friday, June 26, 2009

Funny things

Several funny snippets of conversation heard yesterday.

T come rushing into the day room at base: Anyone have a fire extinguisher?

Bossman, who comes in at that exact time:
Why do you need a fire extinguisher?

T: I can't tell you.

BossMan: Then I can't give you one. Will there be a problem if I can't give you one?

T: Well, if you don't give me a fire extinguisher, we might need something larger....


We found out Michael Jackson died yesterday as we were taking a patient to a stroke rehab place. When we got to the floor, we had to wait a bit, since they had just had someone code, and were taking that patient to ICU. As we were waiting, I asked the nurses if they had heard the news.

Me: Did you hear the news?

Nurses: Which news?

Me: Michael Jackson died today.

Nurses: No way! Get out! Really???

Unit Secretary: Oh My God! Oh!! Oh!! Oh!!!

Me: Are you ok? Do you need to sit down?

Short Nurse comes up and hears all the talking:
What happened?

Nurses: Michael Jackson died.

Short Nurse: Who killed him?

I was rolling. So was everyone else. She got mad that everyone was laughing at her. But come on! That's funny right there....


I called Mom to let her know about Michael Jackson.

Me: Did you hear Michael Jackson died?

Mom: No! Really? He wasn't that old. What happened?

Me: Heart attack, evidently.

Mom: Well, they say when you have a heart attack at that age, it's most likely fatal.

Me, thinking, As opposed to all the other heart attacks at any other age?: Well, it's a shame.

Mom: Yeah. Well he was a weird dude, but he had some good songs...


In other news, after several weeks of OT and working late, Bald Partner and I have gotten off shift early the past 2 days. Wednesday was a long distance trip to the outer edges of MD, which took just about all day. Yesterday was a 'busy day' (we didn't really see a difference), and we thought we'd be running late. After our last call, which ended about 1815 or so, they nearly sent us up to Baltimore, but someone must have had an attack of the smarts at dispatch, because we actually were told to disregard and head back to base.

I'm expecting today to be a late day, since we've been pretty light the last few days.


EMS Chick said...

I absolutely love the first one. And hope it was put out in time before you all needed something bigger

40lizard said...

Inquiring minds want to know just what was on fire?

Its not fair to leave us in suspense!