Monday, January 26, 2009

They should require IQ tests for that...

We get called out for the 'child injured' in a townhouse/apt community, though I can't remember where. I believe I was actually riding the medic unit for once.

Not long after we get on the road, the call is upgraded to the 'toddler struck by a car.' Needless to say, the pucker factor goes way up all the way around. On a call like this, a helo is automatically dispatched.

It doesn't take us long to get there, and we are greeted with a near-hysterical mob. The police have beaten us there, and are talking to the driver of the car, who is hysterical. Mom is holding a crying baby, and is nearly hysterical. The patient is about 3 years old. There is no blood, no guts, only a bald spot on one side of the tots head, and a spot of grease on the forehead. We struggle to get the story, but it goes something like this...

Mom had to finish folding/putting laundry away, and kid wanted to stay outside and play. Mom figures that the windows are open, so it's ok, and lets her 3 year old stay outside under the watchful eye of the neighboring 5 year-old, and the 10 year old watching that one. Mom figures it's ok, because there are adults floating around talking (hey, it was a nice day).

The 3 year-old decides that it's a good idea to play in the parking space because there's dirt there. The baby-sitters (the 5 and 10 year-old) try to haul the kid out, but the kid keeps going back, and they eventually lose track of the toddler they are watching, while playing whatever game it was they were playing.

Meanwhile, nice older neighbor lady comes home, and pulls into her spot. She doesn't see our intrepid toddler sitting on the ground playing in the dust pile, and is alerted to the fact that something was wrong only after she hears a thunk hit the front of her car and sees the neighbor kids waving their arms and screaming.

We get there, grab the kid and mom, and hightail it to the LZ. The flight medic hops in, and looks the kid over. Again, no swelling, no bumps or bruises, jsut that bald patch on the side of the head, and the grease mark on the forehead. No one could answer if the kid lost consciousness, because the neighbor kids were too upset, and no one else was paying attention. Hell, mom only came outside when one of the kids started yelling for her. Meanwhile, toddler is awake and fighting mad.

Never did find out the outcome of that one. They flew the kid to Children's. My best guess is that the bumper hit the top of the head, knocking the kid over where the tire could skim the side. But that's only my guess. We saw the kid for all of 7 minutes, so who knows what happened later.


fizbobunny said...

I hope the child was alright. I also hope the elderly neighbor doesn't beat herself up too much over it.

HollyB said...

New Reader here. Your blog is superb! When you get tired of all that snow, move to Texas; great weather, great peeps, great gun laws.